Kansas Library Card

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1. What is the Kansas Library Card (KSLC)?
2. What can be done with a KSLC?
3. How do I get a Kansas Library Card?
4. Who can get a Kansas Library Card?
5. Is there an age limit for the Kansas Library Card?
6. I reside outside of Kansas - can I still get a card?
7. How much of the information available with the Kansas Library Card is useful to non-English language readers?
8. How does the Kansas Library Card work?
9. Will my use of the Kansas Library Card be monitored?
10. Where do I log in to access the databases?
11. How do I use the KSLC with statewide audiobooks or ebooks?
12. Can I use the Kansas Library Card to check out books, magazines, tapes, videos, CDs, DVDs, or other library materials?
13. When does a Kansas Library Card expire?
14. How do I renew my Kansas Library Card?
15. What do I do if my Kansas Library Card is lost or stolen?
16. I've lost my Kansas Library Card number - who should I contact?
17. I receive an error message when attempting to login. What should I do?
18. Can I get an eCard if I'm in the military but based out of state?